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Why do you need Medical Billing Strategies?

The answer is quite simple.  Because we are the best at what we do!  We were the first in the country to recognize a MAJOR insurance carrier trying to implement rules that were "illegal" in the billing world and put a stop to it, helping ALL ambulance and physician providers in the long run get faster reimbursements.  

We are the ONLY billing provider that will fight for you.  We have and still are fighting several States Medicaid programs and are working with Senators and Representatives to change some policies and rules that will get providers higher reimbursements and get them paid faster as well.

We check EVERY LINE ITEM on a claim to make sure that it is paid correctly and will appeal the payment if the insurance company is off paying by even $.01.  Why?  Because that is our job.  That is what providers pay us for.  We don't just accept the status quo.  We change that status every day to make sure that we maximize your money while minimizing your turn around time!

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