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Our Process seems complicated and time consuming to most people.  To us, its very easy and efficient.  Here are the steps we take with EVERY claim, within an average of only 1 day turn around time!
Digital Work

1.  Verify all necessary components are available in order to process

2.  Verify Insurance eligibility with EVERY carrier appropriate for the claim

3.  Patient data entry

4.  Proper Coding

5.  Internal Claim "Scrubbing"

6.  Claim Submission

7.  External Claim "Scrubbing"

8.  Verification of claim receipt by appropriate payer.

All This Happens in 1 day in most cases!

We also perform daily payment postings on each and every provider, which makes for daily invoice printing for every provider, which makes for daily money for every provider!


How are we able to increase your revenue and only charge you 5% of net collections?  Simple.  We work smartly.  We have 4 different software companies we use for insurance eligibility and claim status purposes, so we are able to keep track of your money in real time, everytime!  We also have 2 different skip tracing software platforms to find patient's correct addresses, as well as using the USPS for address service corrections.  Its all about having the knowledge, applying it smartly, and having a strong work ethic!  Call us today!

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