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Medical Billing Strategies is your #1 choice for medical billing and ambulance billing services! We take great pride in calling each one of our ambulance providers FAMILY.  We want you to feel comfortable in our services, with our people.

Now, with insurance companies merging, the government changing insurance policies, and more HMO (not PPO) coverage with higher deductibles than ever, You need an efficient billing company on your side that is able to maximize every dollar you should be receiving.  You need Medical Billing Strategies on your side.  

We fight with payers to ensure they are paying claims correctly, we make them pay appropriately, and even fight with them when they try to go around national law so they don't have to pay!

We are completely different from other ambulance and medical billing firms.  We take care of you (the provider), and the patients as well!  We work with multiple different payment platforms to ensure your patients pay their bills on time each and every time!

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Medical Billing Strategies is the nation's leading provider of ambulance/medical billing services.  All of our billers and coders are certified by the National Academy of Ambulance Coding, with some even being Certified Medical Billers as well!  We also employ RN's, EMT's and Paramedics for QA/QI services!

***ICD-10 READY***

    Medical Billing Strategies is ready for ICD-10 implementation.  We have tested our system, and are ready to implement it!  There are many billing services that are not!

Emergency Vehicles
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Medical Billing Strategies provides a range of comprehensive Ambulance Billing Services, Fire/MVA Billing Services, QA/QI services, ePCR offerings, Trauma Registry, collections, etc!


  • Is your current provider NEMSIS 3 ready???  WE ARE!!!!


  • Do you need help with the new Medicare Prior Authorization requirements?Call us!  We have the knowledge and the tools to help you obtain the PA!


  • Will your current billing provider stand by you if you get audited by Medicare?  We will!

We will also audit your billing records for the past year and collect what should have been collected in the first place.  So many times we find that the billing was done incorrectly, and whatever was paid is just applied to the patient's balance the claim is never looked at again.  Other billing companies don't pay attention to EOB's and payments like we do.  We pay attention to EVERY single detail and line item to ensure that you get the maximum reimbursement!

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Medical Billing Strategies ambulance providers are made up of a multitude of services.  Our providers include 911 services, emergency and non emergent transport services, hospital district ambulance services, city services, county services, private services.  We do it all!  We are proud of our providers and proud of the fact that they have stuck with us since we opened in 1997!


We can have you set up and billing claims in as little as 2 days!  We will also perform an audit of the past years records and recoup uncollected monies.  We stay aggressive for you!

  •    Is your billing company bringing in enough revenue for you?  If not, CALL US!

  •    Is your billing company appealing denials?  If not, CALL US!

  •    Is your billing company Nemsis 3 ready?  If not, CALL US!

  •    Is your billing company offering ePCR?  If not, CALL US!

  •    Is your billing company giving you real time access to YOUR information?  If not, CALL US!

Inside an Ambulance

    The point is, CALL US! Medical Billing Strategies should be your first call for all of your billing needs.  We customize your reporting to the way you need it, without all of the hassles of other companies.


    We have providers in Texas, Oregon, Ohio, New Jersey, New Mexico, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, New York, as well as other states from all kinds of services.  AND we are growing daily.  Providers are figuring out that we are simply THE BEST at what we do!

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Here at Medical Billing Strategies, we love to reward our providers for their hard work and their dedication.


Here is how our Provider Rewards Program Works:


  • Pay your invoice on time for 6 months, then the 7th month is free!

  • If you pay your invoice with 10 days, you also get to take an extra 4% off the total invoiced amount!

  • If you refer someone to us, then you and the other provider get a 25% discount on your invoice for the first 6 months!

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Contact us for more information about our services. Our experienced customer service team can help you find just what you need and can advise you on the options. Our customer service team is available 24 hours, 7 days a week. 

Phone: 254-918-5477



Mail: PO Box 2444

          Stephenville, TX 76401




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